Dream Industry Co, Ltd Commitment

Fifty years since its establishment, we have continued to research and develop products that fit the times. This is because our employees work hard to contribute to a society where people and pets live happily together. We believe that each department should think what is best for the customer. Because you (our customer) are making your dreams come true by establishing your most important shop. Purchasing equipment is the first step towards your dream. Instead of just buying and selling things, we want to support each and every customer’s dream by meeting their detailed needs and building sincere relationships. This is Dream Industry Co, Ltd.’s philosophy and commitment.

01From planning to manufacturing, we are committed to do all the processes of production line in our own company.

02We are committed to follow up and respond quickly to after-sales maintenance.

03We are committed to listening to our customers opinion and swiftly improve products that are considered to be the best by pet salon professionals.

04We are committed to manufacturing safe, ergonomic, easy-to-use, products that improve work-efficiency.

05We are committed to pursuing the ultimate pet’s comfort, pet owner’s full satisfaction and our product user’s safety.

06We are committed to selling reliable products at reasonable prices.

07We are committed to keep meeting our customers demands and adding value.

08We are committed to building a world-wide secure brand.

09All employees are committed to work with pride and confidence and at the same time with gratitude and humility.

10We are committed to “making bonds built on trust”.